Merry Christmas!2009-12-24 16:32:38
The team of wishes you merry christmas and a happy new year. As a little present, we will release a nifty feature in the next days. And special thanks to all helpers of GameStats to keep this site running. Regards, grex 
Adjustments for OGame 1.02009-10-09 17:15:49
We just released the new firefox addon for the community to update the galaxy data: Redesign Plugin. Please use this plugin to keep you universe up to date. Have fun with the new OGame, grex 
Changes due to OGame 1.02009-08-05 13:11:34
After successfully adjusting our systems to OGame 1.0, we're proud to present you an up2date Andromeda universe. If you want to help us with updating the galaxy, please install this plugin for Firefox: Redesign Toolbar Have fun with the new OGame! grex 

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